June Wishlist

I go on holiday in just over a month so I feel like this months wish list is longer than ever – however my bank balance is smaller than ever.

I actually managed to resist most of the items on last months list – but I did manage to get my hands on a short sleeved version of the embroidered PrettyLittleThing dress from TK Maxx – probably making it even more suitable for the summer graduation I’m planning on wearing it to.

Here are the items on this months wish list.

Zoe xo-2.png

1. Floral Stripe Bikini  Topshop £34 – I am absolutely loving the frill strapped bikinis that are in the shops this year. I’m definitely going to invest in one for my trip to Portugal and I think this Topshop one has stole my heart.

2. Girl Power Slogan Tee Boohoo.com £8 – This tee is an absolute steal at less than a tenner. I’ve been hunting for a slogan t-shirt to pair with jeans and rust orange trousers that also feature on my wish list, however have found a lot of them to say things that are far to cringe for me to wear. I think I will be able to channel by inner Spice Girl while wearing this one!

3. Gingham Frill Skirt PrettyLittleThing.com £12 – Can you believe how much of a bargain this skirt is?! I’ve spotted this style skirt on a few bloggers now and I’m totally obsessed. I can’t decide between the sensible black gingham or the out-there red – but for £12 I can’t see why I can’t have both!

4. Rust Orange Wide Leg Trousers  River Island £42 – Ok so I have a massive confession to make – I didn’t even make it to the end of writing this article before I purchased these trousers! I mean by know means did I need them or have an occasion to wear them, but as soon as I tried them on they were the perfect fit and I fell in love instantly.

5. Camera Go Pro £299 – Ok so a bit of a different item on this months wish list. I’ve wanted a GoPro for the last few trips I’ve been on but I’ve never had the balls to just go out and buy one. I’ve seen my friends use them and I just love the footage they capture, so I think it’ll be a great way to document my trip to Portugal. However when I look at all the specs of all the camera, my mind is literally BLOWN…so if anyone has any recommendations about the model they use, that would be greatly appreciated!




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