Summer’s Coming And I’m Heading To Portugal

Every year Tom (the BF) and I go round and round in circles when trying to decide where to go on holiday.

I’m a lie-on -the -beach-for-10-days-straight-in-a-bid-to-get-the-best-tan kinda gal whereas Tom enjoys adventure and activities so we also try and find the perfect compromise.

In recent years we’ve lay on the sunny beaches of Alicante, ate all of the food in Barcelona and walked and walked the walls of Dubrovnik and loved every single trip for completely different reasons.

At first we planned on going to Benicassim festival in Spain as the line up is insane. Kasabian, The Weeknd and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are just a few of the huge names that are headlining. But after thinking it through we realised we’d rather swap late nights and warm cider for ice-cold cocktails and fancy roof top bars…maybe we’re growing up?

Finally this week we settled on Portugal. In mid July we’re going to be spending 5 days in Porto followed by 5 days in Lisbon and we just can’t wait.

I’ve already been searching out the cutest coffee shops close to our Airbnb. Let the Pinterest board commence!

If you have any travel/food recommendations for Porto and Lisbon I’d love to hear them! Comment below.

3 Replies to “Summer’s Coming And I’m Heading To Portugal”

    1. I’ve heard so many good things about Lisbon, I just can’t wait! Oo thanks for the recommendation, i’ll do my research (i.e. search Pinterest for hours haha) xo

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